The Gospel According To Love

The Mystery Revealed…

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The Gospel According To Love

Love is filled with heaven-sent wonders that overwhelmingly captivate the human race when two come together and experience this great beauty. It is a new adventure and suddenly our outlook towards life shifts as we are not only having this earthly encounter but are also connected to an unknown source that we cannot see with the naked eye.

When in love, we experience this chemistry-related emotional extravaganza rollercoaster ride of our life and yet have no clue of its true purpose. All we know is that love is in the air; what may have once been dull now has new life. Problems are no longer problems; the sky is now deeper blue, the trees sing as the wind whispers the joy that lingers within our soul. It has now become a heaven on earth when the one you love is within your arms.

– George L. Hernandez

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A Story About


It is not an accident when that day comes to experience the falling in love journey; it is a divine message to the human race that connects us all to eternity. What steps do we take to unearth the hidden mysteries, wisdom, and profound revelations that you are about to embark on and what will you do with this eye-opening knowledge?


When we look at the word cause, we find that there is much depth to understanding that God has designed everything in life with purpose. We must understand that the marriage relationship is truly designed by God! We are spiritual beings having a human experience as we walk through this journey on earth.


The process between two who fall in love has been broken down so that we may understand what a spirit is and how spirits operate within our own lives. Introduced to spirits of light and darkness, we now can see having the ability to discern spiritual truths that reveal that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

George L. Hernandez

George was born 1954 in Los Angeles, California. The unique journey that he was led on – and that would allow him to write this book – began in the Bassett area of La Puente, California, where he was raised.

As a young man, George attended the University of Southern California (USC) and was certified as a paraprofessional in mental health and substance abuse. He accumulated decades of experience in youth-related social reform programs, having worked with federally-funded projects that provided services in gang prevention and job development. George also affected the lives of many young people as a Correctional Officer with the California Youth Authority for more than sixteen years.

In 1978, George accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior after being invited to a Los Angeles area Victory Outreach church, and thus began the second part of the “life journey” that made this book and other works possible.

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